With the health care debate sill raging on Capitol Hill, this week a not-so-small, not-so-independent, not-so-subtle film called 'Repo Men' hits theaters. What may seem like a mishmash, part 'Blade Runner,' part 'Hostel' and mostly 'Minority Report,' it actually has more in common with Michael Moore's'Sicko' than any of three aforementioned films.

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker play Remy and Jake -- glorified collection agents; glorified because they have the authority to use brute force when repossessing internal organs that are purchased at astronomically high prices and interest rates. They don't necessarily have a Majesty's Secret Service-style license to kill, per se -- even though they are "legally obligated to offer an ambulance" to their debt-ridden victims, the end result never changes. Repossession, in this case, equals death.
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