In the sci-fi thriller 'Repo Men,' highly-sophisticated artificial organs can be purchased from a QVC-like channel for a hefty price tag. If you don't pay up, the unremorseful and unsqueamish repo men from The Union will hunt you down and forcefully reclaim the organ using grisly, messy procedures.

Jude Law and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker play Remy and Jake, the repo men in this dystopian future that has flashes of 'Blade Runner' and 'Minority Report.'Liev Schreiber plays Frank, The Union's cold-blooded company man. Remy eventually ends up with a heart replacement, and the hunter becomes the hunted when The Union sends former partner Jake to repo his heart.

Remy teams up with Beth (played by Alice Braga), another of The Union's most wanted, and together they try to bring down the system.

If this sounds a bit predictable and a lot bloody, then you may just be in agreement with the reviews.
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