As perhaps the most highly-anticipated movie of the year, Tron: Legacy continues to build interest from longtime fans and newcomers alike thanks to Disney's successful viral marketing campaigns, provocative images, and exciting clips of footage. But none of that effort would make a difference if it weren't for Steven Lisberger, the creator of the 1982 film Tron. Although Lisberger's directorial debut was met with only modest critical acclaim and commercial success, it went on to earn a reputation as a groundbreaking pioneer effort in computer-generated effects, and spawned a loyal legion of fans that have provided a solid foundation for the hopeful success of director Joe Kosinski's forthcoming sequel.

Last summer, Cinematical joined a small group of online and print journalists to visit the set of Tron: Legacy, where we toured sets and talked to various members of the filmmaking team, including Lisberger (read our interview with star Jeff Bridges). Talking in the film's craft services tent, Lisberger talked about returning to the film franchise that he launched almost 30 years ago, and reflected on why he was happy to turn over the reins to a new filmmaker and give his ideas new life for a new generation of film fans.

The number one question I have for you is, why not create this yourself?