Celebrity Sightings: SXSW gives off the vibe that chatting with the random star about town is a lot more likely than hordes of flashy celeb pictures. However, IMDb has a decent gallery going with the star-studded photos broken down by day, like the shot of Kristen Wiig above. Just Jared, meanwhile, shares pictures of the round-faced Val Kilmer, and Twilight'sAshley Greene joins a group hug while at SXSW for Skateland.

Our Coverage: Rather than list it all here, you should check out our SXSW Mid-Way Roundup, which outlines our killer, 30+ lineup of interviews, reviews, and SXSW buzz. Also, be sure to stay tuned for an interview with The Ride director Meredith Danluck and a review of The Canal Street Madam at Cinematical, a review of Amer at Horror Squad, and a review of Life 2.0 at SciFi Squad, plus more goodies in the days to come.

Deals: Magnet Releasing was attracted to the sci-fi pic Monsters, holding true to its name. Hours after the screening, they scooped up both U.S. and Mexico distribution rights.