They say dying is easy, comedy is hard. 'The Bounty Hunter' is an edgy farce going for laughs and a body count as Jennifer Aniston becomes mixed up with a gun for hire (played by Gerard Butler). Opening Friday, 'Hunter' should benefit from Andy Tennant's work behind the camera -- among his hits was 'Hitch' for Will Smith.

In 'Hunter,' busy Manhattan crime reporter Nicole (Aniston) faces a court date of her own, nothing more serious than a traffic accident. When she misses it, a nerdy process server pesters her mercilessly. Correction, she is handcuffed to a bed by Milo, a hunky bounty hunter (Butler). At first, Milo is just not that into Nicole. He has a job to do and they were once married, you see. But you know the frost will melt, even in New York City. TV faves round out 'Bounty's cast: 'Saturday Night Live's' Jason Sudeikis and 'The Good Wife's' Christine Baranski.

Bullets fly, but do sparks fly between Aniston and Butler, both rom-com veterans? The critics take aim.
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