If watching John Cusack navigate through the apocalypse in 2012 is too much for you, perhaps you'll enjoy the latest Moviefone Mash. This video looks back on some classic Cusack scenes, specifically those in which the actor gets rained on. Certainly not the end of the world, but linked together the clips show us that he's pretty much synonymous with gloomy weather. Whether he's just been dumped or he's just popped out of John Malkovich's head, there's always a storm cloud with Cusack's name on it.

Moviefone deduces that because of all this caught-in-the-rain stuff, Cusack's characters are collectively akin to Bad Luck Schleprock from the Flintstones cartoons, and other examples of that comic trope. Or, maybe Cusack is like the character Rob McKenna from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy novel So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, who can't get away from rain because he is, unknowingly, a rain god. Hmm, I wonder if the cloud catches up with him in Hot Tub Time Machine, which hits theaters next week.

How many of Cusack's films can you spot in the Mash. I recognize Say Anything, High Fidelity, The Ice Harvest and Being John Malkovich, but I'm sure I'm not recognizing some of these scenes. Check out the video after the jump and let me know which ones I'm missing. (warning: video has profanity and may be NSFW)