Thinking of checking out 'Repo Men'? Want to know if 'The Bounty Hunter' is worth tracking down? Confused as to what in the world, exactly, 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' is?

The amount of time it took you to read those few brief sentences is the same amount of time we spent finding the answers to those questions. Thank you, 6 Second Movie Reviews. To think we almost endured some serious pain at the movie theater.

A side project of Russ Leatherman, aka Mr. Moviefone himself, this site gives you everything you need know about the newest releases -- in the very quickest fashion possible. Don't get us wrong, we still enjoy A.O. Scott's 2000-word dissertations reviews as much as the next guy (snob?), but we're busy people with busy lives. Consider 6 Second Movie Reviews the honest blurbs the discerning moviegoer is looking for.
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