The Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards celebrated its 10th year this March. On the night before SXSW took over Austin, a number of local and Hollywood celebrities gathered at Austin Studios, in a soundstage decked out to look like a fancy party venue, to induct new members into the Texas Film Hall of Fame and to raise money for the Texas Filmmakers Production Fund. I've got photos and video to share after the jump.

The event always includes my favorite red carpet to cover. The great thing about their red carpet (which was pink this year) is that it's also the main entrance to the event, so everyone has to walk past our cameras. Sometimes there's heavy traffic on the carpet, but it also means getting to snap photos of all kinds of people who are not on the honoree list. That is, assuming you know who they are. I saw one unassuming guy scoot down that carpet and thought he looked an awful lot like Jason Reitman, but what would he be doing here? Found out the next day that he was in fact at the ceremony, a last-minute decision (and then we kept spotting him at SXSW, too). But Thomas Haden Church, the evening's emcee, slipped in through a back door.

The 2010 honorees included actor and San Antonio native Bruce McGill, who received his award from Tim Matheson -- a D-Day and Otter reunion more than 30 years after Animal House. They had a lot of fun horsing around on the red carpet. When accepting his award, McGill did the one thing you know the audience all wanted: "The William Tell Overture" on his throat.
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