Ponijao, 'Babies'I dare anyone -- OK, anyone with ovaries -- to resist the cutefest that is the trailer for 'Babies.' Perhaps, feeling a bit manipulated by the onslaught of fat cheeks and wriggling legs (it is a marketing tool, after all), you may try to fight the warm glow bubbling up inside, but don't bother. It's a losing battle. And if you happen to be pregnant, you're a goner.

The preview, which has been getting a huge amount of attention, features four infants from various parts of the world (Mongolia, Japan, Namibia, United States) fighting, dancing, crawling and, in the Mongolian baby's case, having his bath interrupted by a thirsty goat. It heralds a new documentary by director Thomas Balmes that simultaneously follows these infants from birth to first steps, along with their families.

Will it be the year's surprise hit? Is Crawl of the Babies the new 'March of the Penguins'?