All right, Terry McGinnis fans, prepare to get really happy. DC is bringing back McGinnis as Batman for a six-issue Batman Beyond series. Judging from the cover art by Dustin Nguyen, it looks like they're moving away from the uniform, angular look of the animated series (which ended in 2001), to draw McGinnis as they see fit.

I was very dismissive of Batman Beyond when it aired, in large part due to the awful music on the show, but I've since come to see the charm in the character through projects like Revenge of the Joker and Justice League Unlimited. The series took place in a future version of the DC Universe, where an aging Bruce Wayne mentored the hotshot McGinnis into becoming the new Batman. According to The Source, the mini-series will feature an old foe from Batman's past coming back to trouble McGinnis.

The series, written by Adam Beechan with art by Ryan Benjamin, hits the stands in June. Could this be a test for a potential large-scale comeback?

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