I promise: I read A Wrinkle In Time; I just can't remember much about it. Maybe Disney's planned major motion picture version will refresh my memory? They've just hired Jeff Stockwell (who also adapted Bridge to Terabithia) to take on the scripting, from the classic fantasy novel by Madeleine L'Engle.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, A Wrinkle In Time is about three kids that travel to another world to save one girl's scientist father. I distinctly remember a centaur in there somewhere. I also remember some controversy surrounding L'Engle for her personal beliefs. Growing up for a time in a private Christian school, I remember some parents and teachers who frowned on L'Engle's work. I never knew why until researching this article today, whereupon I discovered that L'Engle believed in the controversial concept of universal salvation (that Christ died for us all, and that we are all saved, whether we believe in Jesus or not). As an adult, I'm interested in seeing how those beliefs inform her fantasy novels.

The fact that every kids' book series ever created is getting made into a movie, as the studios scramble to find the nextHarry Potter, is what excites me. I was a Lloyd Alexander junkie when I was in elementary school, and this shotgun production approach means I'm hopefully getting closer to a live-action adaptation of The Book of Three. Fingers crossed.
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