Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town is not a documentary in the strict sense of the word. It's not an investigative passion project, nor a film focused on the art and exploration of a story. It's a marketing supplement meant to feed fandom whilst giving juicy, real-life background to Stephenie Meyer's world of vampires and werewolves. That, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Any big fan -- of which Twilight has hordes -- is hungry for it all, from the smallest anecdotes to the real-life folks who actually live in Forks.

As the DVD cover says, it's the saga of the real town -- "the people and places of Forks and La Push." One would then assume that watching this 84-minute "documentary" would offer the viewer a good feel for Forks, its people, and its history. Not quite. Rather than an interesting look into how this flailing logging town was pulled out of the ruins by sparkling skin and furry hides, it's a marketing piece for Forks, choosing to relay what we already know about Meyer fandom, the fans who have descended upon Forks, a handful of residents who love the series, and what's in store if you head there yourself.