Love/hate my Pitch of the Day articles? Either way, you should definitely check out this blog called Movies They Should Make, which Risky Biz turned me onto last night. Similar to my pitch posts, the blog comes up with ideas for movies that should be made -- in case you couldn't figure that out from its name. But they've got Photoshop skills I lack and so all their pitches are in the form of perfectly designed movie posters. The casting they come up with is pretty great, too. Geoffrey Rush starring in a Rupert Murdoch biopic? I wish I'd come up with that.

Unfortunately, the site isn't as consistent as you might like. Since its first post, dated July 11, 2009, there have only been six posters put up on the blog. Hopefully after the Hollywood Reporter and Cinematical props, though, they'll make more. Current ideas, though you really do need to see them for yourself, include a Nosferaturemake with Christoph Waltz, Kate Winslet and, in some role, Dakota Fanning.

There's also an Oliver Stone-directed film about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, which would actually make sense and fits in with a current trend in MLK movies (including Selmaand Spielberg's biopic). And another great idea: Don't Ask Don't Tell, starring Robert Pattinson and Shia Labeouf in what appears to be a cross between Brokeback Mountainand The Hurt Locker.

The fun part of the site involves a poll where we get to vote on whether we think the proposed film will make back its production cost. Each has the option of selecting "no!," "just about" and "definately!" [sic]. So now I ask you to vote on the blog. Should it make more posters? No1? Just about? Or Definately!?
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