Julianna Margulies City IslandJulianna Margulies wants you to know that she's capable of being funny.

We know what you must be thinking: The woman who currently stars in the hit CBS drama 'The Good Wife'? The same actress who has won an Emmy and multiple Screen Actor Guild awards for her dramatic work on shows like 'ER'? Yep, that very same Julianna Margulies can be and wants to be a comedic actress, which she proves in her new film, 'City Island.'

"I loved that ['City Island'] was a comedy," Margulies said. "I rarely get offered those."

The film opens March 19 in Los Angeles and New York, and features Margulies as Joyce Rizzo, the crass wife of Vince (Andy Garcia), a prison guard from the small Bronx, NY, fishing village, City Island. Vince has secretly been taking acting classes behind his wife's back, which makes her suspicious.
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