The RunawaysOne character conspicuously missing from 'The Runaways' is bassist Jackie Fox. (Instead, there's a generic bassist character named Robin, played by Alia Shawkat.) But even if she had been portrayed in the film, the real-life Jackie would probably not be too happy. After all, the filmmakers, including fellow ex-Runaway Joan Jett, didn't secure her life rights before they made the movie.

As a result, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the former bassist, whose real name is Jacqueline Fuchs, sent letters to the filmmakers asking whether her name and likeness would be used in the film, and whether the producers planned to do right by her. In response, Jett (an executive producer of 'The Runaways'), sued her for tortious interference, arguing that Fuchs was unfairly trying to block the film's release.
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