Now that we've gotten our first look at Predators, I'm ready to think about the future for this franchise. I know, it's still a little early. The film doesn't even hit theaters til July. But given how long it took for this installment to get made I believe the sooner the better as far as developing the next sequel. Any ideas?

Here's mine: Considering Predators appears to do for Predatorwhat Aliensdid for Alien -- at least in terms of increasing the number of creatures and appropriately adding the "s" to the title -- I think the series should continue to follow its cousin franchise's lead. We can skip Predator³ because the forgettable Predator 2may be stamped its equivalent. Plus, the setting of Predators is a kind of game preserve, which is like a prison, so we don't need another. Unless maybe it's set in a metropolitan prison like the Manhattan wasteland of Escape from New York. Yes, Predator 2 had the honor of being labeled "Predator in a city," but this would be completely different. Otherwise, put the camouflaging creatures in another terrain besides jungles and forests. How about a desert prison, like an Abu Grabe kind of place?
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