Jude Law and Forest Whitaker in 'Repo Men' (Universal Pictures)

Snip, snip, splosh, splosh. Wielding a scalpel, Remy (Jude Law) shoots a powerful stun gun at another man, then calmly proceeds to slice his hapless victim open and slip his fingers inside the guy's guts. Remy feels around inside -- squish, squish -- and then pulls out a blood-soaked artificial organ. Job done, he smiles and heads to the office. Oh, what fun it must be to live in the future!

In the near future of Repo Men, artificial organs are freely available to everyone from a lone entrepreneur who has shared his intellectual property freely for the benefit of mankind. (Just kidding.) No, the artificial organs are all controlled by a giant corporation named The Union. Trouble is, they're still darn expensive, much like real organs, costing upwards of $400,000 to $600,000 or more, and people have trouble making the monthly payments. That keeps Remy and his boyhood chum Jake (Forest Whitaker) mighty busy stunning and slicing and repossessing organs so they can be recycled into the bodies of other people who won't be able to make the monthly payments. Ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

You might wonder how one corporation has managed to gain a monopoly on artificial organs. Or why the future of Repo Men looks like downtown Tokyo now, all tall buildings, neon lights and blinking digital billboards. Or why Jake doesn't act more directly on his man-crush for Remy, since he likes to wrestle him so much, and even begs him to leave his wife so they can cruise the streets together.

You can ask those type of questions all you want, but Repo Men is exclusively concerned with looking good and bleeding profusely.