Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are warhorses of modern romantic comedy. To be fair, Butler hasn't really done that many, and certainly not nearly as many as Aniston; it's just that it seems he's the go-to guy for a casting director looking for a Manly Man to put up against a woman who is sassy and loves her career, as per last summer's far more mean-spirited and aptly named The Ugly Truth. In turn, Aniston is the one they call when they need someone who can act flustered or adorably aggravated while also passing for smart and being basically pleasant. It was only a matter of time before these two collided on the big screen, especially under the direction of Andy Tennant, who also helmed Fool's Gold, Hitch, and Sweet Home Alabama - all basically inoffensive but ultimately forgettable romantic comedies.

Once again, Butler plays the boor with a sloppy American accent and Aniston is the tightly wound neurotic. Milo, a former cop who got kicked off the force for drinking too much after his divorce, is now working as a bounty hunter to make ends meet, and on this July 4th weekend, his quarry is Nicole, his ex-wife. Yes, Milo dances for joy when he finds this out. He hops in his car and pumps his fists in the air and shouts, "Woo!" as he takes off to find her. It's all so rote I felt embarrassed for Butler.