Spanning independent blogs and mainstream sites alike, horror podcasts seem to be the next big thing. Popular 'casts run by mainstream sites, such as Radio Disgusting and Rue Morgue Radio, are well-known, while smaller podcasts supported by cheap microphones, such as *coughshamelessplug* Dead Wrong!, the Vaultcast, and our own Jason Murphy's videocast The Deadly Debates, consistently cling to the precipice of notoriety.

is one of those podcasts that has somehow slipped under the radar of most, save for their "fan," who is often mentioned in a hilarious self-deprecating manner. Helmed by Count Vardulon, whose long-winded yet hilarious rants can be seen on Castle Vardulon, and the Dive Mistress, whose unique brand of insight into horror films can be seen on Zombots!, the AVOD is a veritable smorgasbord of commentary, reviews, and hilarious banter, all centered around our favorite genre.

The appeal of the AVOD, which bills itself as the " Internet's first and only audio-only video podcast," lies primarily in the incredible chemistry between the Count and the Dive Mistress. Longtime friends hailing from the Great White North (though currently separated by thousands upon thousands of miles), these two intrepid film fans, forever undeterred by their unfortunately meager audience, play off each other perfectly, seamlessly going from intellectual discussions of the latest independent release to utterly hilarious non-sequiturs about their past.

"The Count and I have known each other going on half our lives, now. He was a big weirdo in highschool and he's still a big weirdo today. I guess I'm kinda weird too, so it works out. But I hide it better."

The AVOD is recorded every Tuesday and posted within a day or two. Currently on episode 64 (wherein our illustrious duo discuss Batman, Rob Zombie, and CSI: Miami), the AVOD shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. So if you're one of those people who digs listening to other people talk about movies (and of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be here), then head on over to the official page of the online horror community's best kept secret.
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