It was already a ridiculous notion when the news hit in December. An Overboard remake? Really? As a young kid I loved the flick -- not because it was good, mind you (I had terrible taste), but because I was enamored with the chemistry between Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. It was charisma that nicely glossed over the scary premise. It worked in the '80s, but the thought of a woman with amnesia who gets lied to and taken home by a man who hates her, becoming his obedient caretaker and "wife" in every way -- not so cool.

Regardless, it's really happening; The Hollywood Reporter posts that Overboard is definitely in the works, and Jennifer Lopez is in talks to star. Leslie Dixon worked on the script, which is now in the hands of Adam Cooper and Bill Collage for another polish. So much for notions of Katherine Heigl or Kate Hudson (Ms. Hawn's daughter, don't forget) showing up as amnesia lady. It just goes to show you -- when you think one casting choice is bad, remember how much worse it can be.

While the nostalgic part of me wishes this will never get made, the rest of me wants them to go for it. Ignore the obvious stupidity and jump right in, Columbia! Let's throw a lot of money into this and have it flop... Flop bigger than J-Lo's Gigli. I want to see this flounder and fry like a freshman fishie. How about you?
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