It's unfortunate that more American audiences aren't familiar with Australian cinema. The problem isn't one of apathy or indifference; it's more a case of access. Many Aussie films never make it to America, meaning only the most devoted cinephiles -- who go to extraordinary lengths and cost to import DVDs -- get a chance to see them. Luckily, that seems to be changing now and American audiences are about to get a firsthand opportunity to check out some of the best titles coming from the land down under. Here are three that you should keep an eye on. Trailers for the films are after the jump.

The Square
Our own Will Goss described Nash Edgerton's The Square as " ... the blackest comedy rather than the bleakest noir, full of the best punchlines that you'll never actually hear, as our poor, unfortunate Raymond only endures further and further punishment in the name of his transgressions and aspirations." Those transgressions include an affair with Carla, whose husband "acquires" a bag of cash. The duo tries to escape, but their plan to take the money and run goes horribly wrong. The Square gets a limited US release on April 9 with the possibility of a wider screening in May.

The Horseman
"Writer/director Steven Kastrissios creates a pulverizing experience ... ," says our Peter Martin -- and perhaps more disturbing than the violence in The Horseman is what we are left to wonder. Christian (Peter Marshall) sets out through rural Queensland with a young runaway to uncover the truth behind his daughter's tragic death. The Horseman will be available on an import Blu-ray on April 6, but US audiences will be able to enjoy the DVD as well, courtesy of Screen Media Ventures on June 15. [hit the jump for details on Van Diemen's Land and trailers]