The hunt for Captain America may be over by the weekend. THR's Heat Vision is reporting that Chris Evans has been offered the part of Captain America. Let me stress the key word in that sentence: offered. He has not yet accepted, and neither Evans, his reps, or Marvel will confirm or deny whether negotiations have been opened.

Marvel would be taking a bigger leap of faith than they did with their other candidates, as he reportedly still hasn't screen tested for the role. But he has a good relationship with the shingle after Fantastic Four (Evans played Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch in all three FF films), and he's an actor who attracts a lot of buzz for his performances, but just hasn't managed to crack that A-List ceiling.

One thing keeping Evans from accepting could be schedule conflicts. The First Avenger: Captain America is set to shoot this summer, and Evans has already signed for the romantic comedy What's Your Number? The demanding contract may also be an issue. Many actors have balked at Marvel's universe building demands, and any possible Cap faces three solo Captain America movies, plus The Avengers. Most of the Marvel deals have signed actors and actresses for a minimum of 9 films. That's a tough commitment for any young up-and-coming actor like Evans, though it's one that could potentially guarantee him a spot on Hollywood's A-list right next to Robert Downey Jr.

In fact, Evans is a lot like a younger version of Downey Jr. in that he brings tons of fun energy to every role. He's a lot more charismatic, charming and unpredictable than, say, Channing Tatum or Sam Worthington, and I think it's about time they throw this guy a big superhero franchise to see what he can do with it. After all, he was the best part of the Fantastic Four films, and he also stole a whole bunch of scenes in last year's Push.
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