A few days ago, we talked about the new Predators website and pointed you toward a little behind-the-scenes teaser. Today, we can show you the full Predators trailer courtesy of IGN. You can watch it after the jump.

My thoughts? Moi? How nice of you to ask! The first Predator remains one of my all time favorite films and the second is guilty pleasure of the highest order (Alien hunters and Danny Glover and Gary Busey!), but I seriously thought I was over this franchise after the less-said-about-them-the-better Alien Vs. Predator movies. However, that behind the scenes teaser hooked me and this trailer has reeled me in, gutted me and served me on a bed of dirty rice. I'm not sure what it says about me, but when I heard the familiar Predator sounds and that droning, creepy score kicked in, I felt ripples of nostalgia fly down my back. I'm digging the style on in display in the trailer. I'm digging the casting. I'm digging the bare-bones-survival nature of the storyline. I'm hungry for this movie in a big way.

What are you waiting for? Watch it after the jump!
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