The title of Google Baby is a little misleading -- if you went into the movie cold, you'd think it was about something cute. Babies are cute, right? In this documentary, however, babies are a commodity item, and the film examines the new ways that people who can't have babies themselves are using the latest technology to acquire them. As the introduction points out, in the 1960s birth control innovations made it easy to take childbirth out of sex; the latest surrogacy innovations make it easy to take sex out of childbirth.

The primary focus of Google Baby is on a surrogacy clinic in Gujarat, India. Women are impregnated with someone else's embryos and carry them to term, and in return earn enough money to send their children to school or to help buy their family a house. The women live in the clinic from the moment of impregnation to birth, although their families may visit occasionally. It's a very female place -- you see the occasional visiting husband or a male doctor in the operating room, but rest of the staff, up to the owner/doctor, tend to be women.