I'd like to do something new with our weekly trailer roundup. Simply put, it's now a sort of contest. Not for you, but rather for the marketers attempting to get us into theaters for their product. After the jump I've listed ten trailers in order of best to worst, three of them embedded for your viewing pleasure. After that is a poll for you to vote on your own favorite, so we can see how my judgment compares to you readers. First prize is nothing more than an utmost interest in the film that's best advertised. And maybe as a result also a great box office return. Last place is a message that something's wrong, nobody's going to see this movie and it's time to go back to the drawing board.

This week's definite winner is the trailer for Predators, not because the movie looks awesome (though it does), but because the spot introduces us perfectly to the premise and gets us excited for something that could have very well come off as a cheap cash-grabbing sequel. I almost missed the fact that this installment is set on the Predators' home planet, but it doesn't matter. I'm sure later trailers will expose more (maybe too much). All we needed was some bad-ass looking humans (Danny Trejo, Laurence Fishburne -- even Adrian Brody seems pretty tough), lots of action involving a variety of weaponry and of course a very minimal showcasing of the alien hunters. I'm far more excited about this movie now than I was prior to viewing the trailer.

Second place goes to the unnecessary but still excellent fourth trailer for Kick-Ass, continuing the sell that this is the must-see movie of the season. Some are telling me they're confused by the film's marketing, that it looks too much like a kids' movie. Maybe, as my girlfriend says, there should be more emphasis in these green band trailers and TV spots that say this cute superhero movie is not for kids. Regardless, everybody from my baby niece to my grandmother seems excited about this one. My niece will just have to wait a little longer to see it than the rest of us.