Hot Tub Time Machine opens next week. I haven't seen it yet, but I do know that most of the movie takes place in 1986, in a time before Blu-Ray, DVD or laserdisc. It was a time when a magic invention called VHS was in full swing, and I saw many classics of the day in that format. Living in a small town, I was able to see the biggest movies on the big screen (or kind of a medium-sized screen), but there were many other specialty items to be seen at home. I thought it would be fun to take a quick VCR time machine trip back for a top ten list of my favorite movies back then.

Seen on the Big Screen

I may not have liked Avatar much but I loved James Cameron's gangbusters sequel, which had the greatest and simplest idea of all: instead of one alien, why not a whole bunch of them? It was also the smartest thing thing he ever wrote, rich with feminist/mother imagery that was worth studying. The longer cut was even better.

The Fly
The year's best bragging rights: I watched this without throwing up. Who knew it was the first step toward David Cronenberg becoming a genuine artist?
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