Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to go through the day being Courtney Love -- OK, a sober Courtney Love. Because even if you chose to overlook the serious behavior and substance abuse issues (and I'm not even sure that's possible at this point), it can't be very nice to know that at best, most people think you're a no-talent skank riding off the coattails of your dead husband's legend, and at worst: they think you're the one who killed him. In 1998, UK documentary filmmaker, Nick Broomfield tackled the legend that was Kurt and Courtney and the birth of of the conspiracy theories surrounding his death in 1994, in his feature documentary of the same name -- so if you haven't seen the rock and roll doc, break out your flannel, brew some espresso, and head over to SlashControl, where it's available as one of their free movies.

Broomfield has never been known for being an objective documentary filmmaker, and Kurt and Courtney was no exception. The film starts with an investigation into Cobain's death before turning to an investigation of Love, herself. Love blocked the use of her late husband's music in the film and even refused to speak on camera which only makes it worse, since Broomfield is free to draw his own conclusions. But then again, Broomfield spends most of the film raking her over the coals, so I'm not surprised the combative celebrity wasn't jumping in front of the camera.

But you don't need to be a fan of either Cobain or Love to watch Broomfield's flick, because regardless of whether or not you believe the gossip, the film is a fascinating glimpse into a specific time and place in rock and roll history. Cobain's suicide in that lonely Seattle mansion was the beginning of the end of 'Grunge', and it was as close as the flannel set was ever going to get to having something in common with their hippie parents: being a witness to the demise of a musical revolution.

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