I am far too cynical for a story like this. Juliet Snowden and Stiles White, the duo behind the keyboard for Knowing, Boogeyman and, as much as I hate to say this, the Poltergeist remake, wrote a film called Dibbuk Box, which follows a family struggling to deal with a curse brought about a mysterious box. Shock reports has had the backing of Sam Raimi for awhile now, and with images of the The Unborn springing to mind, I cringed at the thought of another supernatural thriller supposedly based on a true story, especially one that is apparently being described as in the same vein as The Shining. Such lofty aspirations have apparently caught the eye of Lionsgate, as Deadline New York has reported that they have acquired the North American rights for the film.

Of course, the big draw is obviously the news that Lionsgate, the president of which is Joe Drake, who is one of the co-founders of Ghost House with Raimi and Rob Tapert, want Ghost House to produce. The premise for the film arose from an article written for the Los Angeles Times called "A Jinx in a Box," which tells of a Jewish wine box supposedly haunted by a dibbuk, a malevolent spirit from Jewish folklore..

Of course, this does not necessarily mean the film will be bad, but as a good-natured cynic I must cast my doubts upon this project based on the elements that comprise it. Snowden and White, although genre favorites, do not exactly have any serious hits under their belts. Beyond this, I do not have much faith in Raimi after Drag Me to Hell, though I am clearly in the minority, nor has Ghost House done anything to impress me with their line-up (though Ghost House Underground hasn't been THAT bad). Finally, The Shining? Really? Good luck with that.

Special thanks to Arrow in the Head for the heads up.
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