Although far from one of my favorite films at this past September's Fantastic Fest, I was one of the few people in our sparsely populated audience to genuinely enjoy Uwe Boll's overtly violent Rampage (read Peter Hall's review here). Featuring a fed-up guy rampaging (heh) through town in a homemade suit of armor gunning down everyone he comes across, it departs majorly from Boll's past films, employing a more stripped down approach and not being based on a video game.

Although I'm not really proud to admit it, I will soon be the proud owner of a Uwe Boll film, as Bloody Disgusting has brought to my attention that Boll's least-reviled film will make its way to DVD on June 1st. Seeing as how my birthday is one day later, I can only presume that Phase 4 Films, which is releasing the DVD, knows that and planned accordingly.

Fun fact: After I got beaten by a woman in both a verbal debate (Topic: Are vampires gay? Bonus: She's a lesbian) and a physical boxing match, lead Rampage actor Brendan Fletcher approached me and told me and asked if I was pulling my punches, as I "looked like I was trying to kill her." I was not.

If I ever needed a reason to return to Fantastic Fest, that was it.

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