Movie one dealt with the life of a girl and how she gave everything up to move to a place she loathed so that her mother could be happy. Luckily, she soon caught the attention of a hottie pale-face who quickly went from utter dislike to all-out love for the recent transplant. After a bloody fight scene and prom sequence, movie two dealt with the dangers his life placed upon her, and the dangers still present when he left. And now, movie three, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse gears up to discuss the challenges of immortality, as Bella must decide if she'll marry Edward, and he was to come to terms with her yearning to vamp out.

On the heels of trailers and leaked footage, a brief scene from the David Slade film has made its way online, which you can see after the jump. It details one of Bella and Edward's many late-night talks, as she thinks about the logistics of her upcoming change, and Edward tries, once again, to relay the consequences of her choice -- you know, outliving your loved ones, and that looming possibility that the choice means losing your soul. Of course, she'll hear none of that.

I'll still say catch this while you can, even though the last leaked bits of Eclipse, of behind-the-scenes footage, has not been brought down by the iron fist of studio control yet.