After being the die-hard backbone to Disney's media wealth, the Princesses are getting thrown into Baby's dance-free corner. Sure, the Mouse House is a company centered around the little guy with the big ears, but Mickey's media presence doesn't come close to that of the princesses, with their towers, flowing locks, and plentiful product lines. Nevertheless, as we learned earlier this month, Disney is turning their back on the whimsical girls and their wild tresses. They have decided that Rapunzel isn't a boy-friendly title, and have changed it to Tangled to help lure the boys in. The reasoning? The Princess and the Frog only made a paltry $160 million over their production budget because the word "princess" turned the boys away from all that squicky girl stuff.

Head of Disney Animation Studios Ed Catmull said: "We did not want to be put in a box. Some people might assume it's a fairy tale for girls when it's not. We make movies to be appreciated and loved by everybody." You can put lipstick on a... you get the hint. Tangled, Rapunzel, whatever it's titled, the boys will see the royal dude, his love, and all those lovey dovey eyes. A change in title won't magically mask that. (And that's ignoring the enforcement of girl-centric media as not boy-friendly, or the fact that tangled hair isn't typically a boy attention-getter anyway.)

On the heels of this rather ridiculous news, what could another studio do to compete? By grabbing the super-strength of Supergirl, that's what.
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