Stories about the Great Old Ones have endured through time and many horror fans have a lot of love for Lovecraft -- but after countless reimaginings of Cthulhu and the gang, it might seem a little predictable (but most diehards like me don't really care). Enter Bruce Brown's graphic novel, Howard Lovecraft & the Frozen Kingdom, which details the misadventures of a young Lovecraft after he receives a copy of the Necronomicon from his father who just happens to be locked up in Arkham Sanitarium. The book opens a familiar portal to a frozen world of darkness and there's even a creature sidekick by the name of Spot.

Brown (who co-authored Sidewise and M-theory with Zuda Comic's Dwight L. MacPherson) is actually new to Lovecraft's stories and recently told Newsarama that he took a "crash course" in Lovecraft before settling down to write Frozen Kingdom and counts Shadow over Innsmouth as his favorite tale. The young Lovecraft's world is illustrated by the likes of Renzo Podesta who worked with Brown on the horror anthology, Velvet Rope, and whose art adds an "eerie visual element" to the proceedings.

So what say you Lovecraftian readers -- is this tongue-in-cheek take on the doom and gloom worlds spun by the legendary author a refreshing look at the highly influential mythology or is it almost too silly for adults to enjoy? Would you allow this title on your child's bookshelf? Check out the full interview with Brown over here.

[Thanks to John Gholson for passing this one along to me.]
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