How To Train Your Dragon may only be the second narrative feature to be released in 3-D this Friday, but Zeus knows it certainly won't be the last. Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderlandhas been cleaning up at the box office all month and the redux of Clash of the Titanswill be grabbing IMAX screens from it next week. But it doesn't end there. Disney's Rapunzel update, Tangled, along with Zack Snyder's Legend of the Guardiansand Christopher Nolan's Inceptionwill all be in 3-D. And let us not forget sequels to Harry Potter, Toy Story, Shrek, Tron, Jackass, Cats & Dogs, Resident Evil, Saw and Step Up. For Pete's sake, a Kenny Chesney concert will require glasses next month. The kind after you go blind.

(NOTE: Christopher Nolan's Inception will be playing in IMAX but no word currently of being in 3-D.)

With the 3-D (r)evolution apparently here to stay, we are soon going to run out of ways to describe it. The traditional stigma of "comin' at ya" effects are being replaced with an emphasis on depth of field, a virtual Viewmaster of CGI images set to delight many and provide a splitting migraine for others. For me, the 3-D effects are an afterthought to the actual craft of the storytelling within. How many friends of yours wouldn't commit to calling Avatar a brilliant film, but commented on it still being a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience? A lot of critics are very much like those friends, making sure there's an emphasis on the spectacle in their reviews - or at least within the quotes taken from them. Take How To Train Your Dragon:

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