I'm not going to call anyone out by name (that's next sentence), but for many movies, the soundtrack functions more like a quick cash-grab afterthought than an integral piece in the cohesive whole of the film. For every film like 'The Dark Knight,' whose eerie, ominous score by Hans Zimmer perfectly complemented Christopher Nolan's tone, there's 'Watchmen,' whose soundtrack included classic, yet ubiquitous and obvious choices like Dylan's 'Times They Are A-Changin'' and Hendrix's version of 'All Along The Watchtower.' Don't get me wrong: I love Bobby D and Jimi as much as anyone, but in the context of the film, it felt lazy and haphazardly thrown together.

So it was with more than slight trepidation that we checked out the soundtrack to 'Repo Men,'Miguel Sapochnik's new sci-fi film about men who repossess organs from those who can't pay the bills (Not related to Alex Cox's 1984 cult classic 'Repo Man,' whose punk- and hardcore-filled soundtrack is a classic, but I digress.) And damn if it isn't one of the best compilations we've heard in a while.
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