As I've said before, it doesn't take much to get me to watch a French horror film these days. They're tapping into some sort of brutal reservoir and birthing some truly nasty stuff like High Tension and Frontiere(s). While they're not quite batting a thousand, their track record as a country is scads better than just about any other lately. Or maybe it's only the good stuff that makes it to these shores, but I digress.

Shock Til You Drop has the skinny on, In the Shadow, from director Paul Ozcan.

In an effort to gather research for their thesis project, a couple of criminology students make the bold choice to go gallivanting around the former lair of a serial killer. I'm sure everything goes smoothly. I'm sure they form their theories, explore the nuances of the lunatic's psyche, and then retire to the pub for some beverages. Or maybe they all die screaming. I couldn't tell you, since I really can't see where this is going. The batch of intellectuals with poor decision making skills will be played by Maximilien Poullein, Jordan Jones and Emmanuelle Coutellier.

The premise is interesting enough, I suppose. The only thing that concerns me is the cinema veritas approach they seem to be taking here. While it's only a teaser trailer and likely not indicative of the film as a whole, I get a bit nervous at the overuse of that technique. Ozcan promises an end of 2010 release, so we here in the states will likely find out how this plays out sometime in 2011.

Click past the jump for the teaser trailer.

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