It may seem strange, but I never really thought Trainspotting was about drugs. Sure, its protagonists are bottom of the barrel junkies, but I never felt that the story of four wastrels muddling their way through petty crimes and grand schemes in 1980s Edinburgh was meant to provide a valuable lesson about addiction. Danny Boyle's film definitely doesn't spare you the squalor and devastation of drug use, but I think that Boyle's black comedy is about more than crime than drugs. I happen to think that Trainspotting is about the cost of evolution (both of the personal and non-personal variety) and that the message is wrapped up in one shining example:

Mark Renton, as played by today's Their Best Role nominee, Ewan McGregor. Renton was only the third major role for McGregor, and it marked his second collaboration with Boyle after the thriller Shallow Grave. Of course, the story of the fallout between the actor and the director is one that still breaks my film nerd heart. Mainly because McGregor and Boyle were made for each other, and we can only hope that time will heal all wounds, and that the two will one day work together again -- but let's get back to the our lovable little junkie.
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