Every time a movie features a hacker, that character is touted as being the world's uberest of all uber hackers. While certain films try to maintain some semblance of reality when it comes to portraying their leet haxors, other movies beg you to completely suspend your disbelief -- arming their geeky geniuses with an array of outlandish talents and tools of the trade. I don't have a particularly nerdy background in computers, so I'm ok with letting this kind of film take me where it wants to -- but there are some instances where the ridiculous segues into the absurd.

Hackers embody some of the worst stereotypes (desperation and mountain dew come to mind) -- all filtered through Hollywood's movie-magic machine (which is the only place on Earth where anyone would buy someone like Ryan Phillippe as a computer wizard ... ), making it clear that most screenwriters have only a rudimentary understanding of computer culture. Well, thank goodness for that, because it means we can now talk about seven of the most horribly hilarious "hackers" ever to grace the big screen.
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