The Austin fest is over, and all three sites are back into the Movie Club rush:

Horror Squad's Luke Mullen picked The Signal, a shoestring-budget horror film that follows a group of people infected by a virus that turns them into murderers. The film is split in three parts, and Mullen writes: "It's a shame because the first two parts are so good, and you would have hoped for a really solid conclusion. As it is, it doesn't ruin the film as a whole for me. I still think it's a solid film, particularly in light of its low-budget origins, and it's clear that they accomplished a lot for what they had."

Meanwhile, Jacob Hall tapped the awesome cult classic Dark City, Alex Proyas' futuristic noir about an amnesiac trying to piece together his identity. Hall writes: "so Dark City is easily in my top ten films of all time, so you're not going to hear much negativity from me, but I do recall finding my first viewing a little overwhelming. It's rare for a film to try anything new, so when a film is trying to make everything new, the experience is a little like getting drunk: interesting for sure, but good God, my head hurts."

Finally, I tackled the cult classic Donnie Darko, and noted: "I began to wonder if its magic had nothing to do with the story, but the mixture of smarts, charisma, and humor bubbling at the start. Do we really care about the story, or are we just charmed by Donnie's one-liners and word play?"

Stay tuned Friday for the Squad's next picks, and celebrate the 38th anniversary of the release of The Godfather this Wednesday, March 24, 9:30 P.M. Eastern time on Twitter. You can follow me at @MBartyzel, and join in on the discussion using both #cinemovieclub and #thegodfather.
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