The last time I updated you about the political push behind Dear Zachary, A Letter to a Son About His Father, Bill C-464 (which would make it much harder for serious offenders to make bail) had gotten wonderful, unanimous support from all parties in Ottawa's House of Commons up here in Canada. But that was only support -- not an official vote. However, Cinematical has just learned from filmmaker Kurt Kuenne himself that the bill has been passed unanimously by the House of Commons, after David and Kate Bagby addressed the committee earlier this month. Now the bill has to be passed by the Senate, and then it will become law. Finally.

Kuenne said: "Now it moves to the Senate, so we're off to the races and in the home stretch. There's not much for me to do at this point but sit back, watch and cheer on our supporters in Parliament." 100% percent agreement in any group is rare, but unanimous support from a collection of political parties? That just goes to show you how essential this bill is, and I dearly hope it continues its unanimous streak of support.

The plan is to get the bill to Senate soon, before they break. But if not, we'll know the fate of Bill C-464 this fall. Best wishes and congratulations to the Bagbys and Kuenne, who have fought for this reform with inspiring dedication.
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