You know aninterview is going to be fun when you walk into the room and the talent starts interviewing you. Well that's just what happened when I spoke to the very charming Gerard Butler about his role as the Viking Stoick in the new animated adventure 'How to Train Your Dragon.'

When we finally switched roles, I asked him about the film, finding his inner-Viking and his oft-ridiculed career choices since slicing and dicing his way onto the A-list in that massive 2006 hit '300.' For the record, Butler says that while he doesn't really want to do a role that required the amount of gym time '300' did, he wouldn't be opposed to another film in that genre. Someone please get this man a good action script, pronto.

In the meantime, Butler his happy to entertain the kiddies -- and teens and adults -- in the 3D 'Dragon,' which marks the actor's second release in as many weeks (following 'The Bounty Hunter,' his war-of-the-roses actioner with Jennifer Aniston). He also gives us a sneak peek at his upcoming Farrelly Brothers short. We have yet to hear a name, but we do know that Butler plays a particularly foul-mouthed leprechaun. Yeah, that's exactly what you think of when you look at Gerard Butler. A tiny mythical Irishman.
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