So you're probably already aware of that giant Gundam statue that was erected this past summer in Tokyo's Odaiba. At first some of us not familiar with Gundam (which, for those still not aware, is a Japanese anime) thought the Japanese were doling out some crazy marketing for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And then everyone realized -- wait, this dude, who looks like a cross between Optimus Prime and Voltron, has nothing at all to do with Michael Bay's movie franchise. Instead, the Japanese just thought it'd be cool to throw up this giant statue ... for, ya know, tourism reasons.

Furthermore, it's been announced that this July the statue is coming back. This time, however, it will be holding a lightsaber (but they're calling it a beam saber), which will light up at night. The city of Shizuoka (where the statue will live) estimates that this thing will draw 900,000 visitors and 40 billion yen over the course of 300 days -- not to mention create 9,600 jobs, because it takes that many people to look after this thing (leave it alone, and you'll see it on eBay in 24 hours).

And I believe it, too. Is this not one of the coolest statues you've ever seen? Check out two larger images by clicking below. And if any of you folks spot this thing while visiting Japan this summer, definitely send us some photos.

[via Kotaku]
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