There are only a few cardinal rules for those who spend their days writing about film. For anyone who takes "the movies" seriously, the one Golden Rule is generally this: DON'T SPOIL THE MOVIE! And I don't just mean movies like The Sixth Sense or The Crying Game; I mean any film that has at least one cool twist, colorful concept, or unexpected diversion that's hidden somewhere after Act I draws to a close. Why a film critic would want to ruin the enjoyment of a film for someone else is beyond my comprehension. Even if I, as a film critic, H A T E D a flick, that gives me no freaking right to destroy the experience for someone who might.

Unfortunately it seems that Creative Screenwriting's Bill Donovan feels different. He's so certain of his opinion, and he thinks so little of yours, that he's willing to (blithely, snidely, obnoxiously) demolish the final moments of Adam Green's Frozen-- simply because he didn't like the film. Imagine that. Better yet, imagine you're standing in line for The Sixth Sense and some guy comes walking out yelling, "I hated that movie. Hey everyone, Bruce Willis was a freaking { } the whole time! It's so stupid! Ha ha, I spoiled it for you!" Now for the last bit of make-believe, pretend that the screaming guy is also the editor AND publisher of a magazine called Creative Screenwriting. Unacceptable.

And please don't mistake this for a case of "the horror fan defending a horror film." I couldn't care less if Bill Donovan thinks Frozen is a piece of crap or not. It's that he writes for a well-known and reputable publication -- and yet his editorial is pretty much the peak of all things petty and unprofessional. To those who may feel that a magazine about screenwriting has every right to cover all the bases, including surprise endings, I invite you to read a few passages from Mr. Donovan's rather smug editorial.
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