So many people, including our own Peter Hall, are professing their desire for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story to actually happen that I just had to respond with a genuine Pitch of the Day related to the popular new Funny or Die video before an ill-advised Facebook campaign kicks off. Actually, so many of Yankovic's fans on Facebook seem to think the movie is real, so maybe they'd be too confused if such a campaign existed.

Honestly, I don't know why I haven't thought of the idea of a "Weird Al" biopic before. Perhaps the part of my brain that conceives of these bad yet timely film ideas has been waiting for the polka-loving parodist to die? But it would probably be appropriate if Yankovic played himself, like Howard Stern did in Private Parts. The fake trailer at Funny or Die actually only casts the real deal in a supporting role as a record company executive. Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul gets the honor of playing the lead, and he does a decent job of it. Even better, though, are Mary Steenburgen and Gary Cole, each of whom has previously played parent to Funny or Die founder Will Ferrell, as Yankovic's mom and dad, and Patton Oswalt's perfect embodiment of "Weird Al" mentor Dr. Demento.
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