"Daylight. When was the last time you remember seeing it? And I'm not talking about some distant, half-forgotten childhood memory, I mean like yesterday. Last week. Can you come up with a single memory? You can't, can you? You know something, I don't think the sun even exists in this place. Because I've been up for hours, and hours, and hours, and the night never ends here."

Welcome to this week's slightly late Sci-Fi Squad Movie Club Discussion of Dark City. If you took two hours out of your dull and tedious life to experience this remarkable film, I hope you'll participate in the discussion below. If you've seen it before, you're a good person with good taste and I hope you will participate in the discussion below as well. If you haven't seen it...why not? Spoilers ahead.

Good Excuses For Style

"First there was darkness. Then came The Strangers."

Dark City is the story of an amnesiac on the run, trying to rediscover his identity and prove that he is not a murderer. It is also the story of alien abduction, dead hookers, creepy experimentation, telekinesis and alien squids living inside of reanimated human corpses. It is a story about memory and how our experiences define us, how love can transcend said memories and how these memories may or may not be the reason we have a soul.

This is a busy movie. It squeezes more energy and excitement and thought into one of its brisk 111 minutes than most movies can in their entire duration. Every time I watch Dark City, I'm overcome by all of the little details and clues director Alex Proyas leaves the audience.
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