High school was a rough time for a lot of people. Hormones and emotions run wild and fitting in seems to be the most important thing in the world. Everyone struggles desperately to be cool and failures, both real and perceived, in reaching that goal can be downright devastating. Then there's prom night, the whole year culminating in couples celebrating, crushes nervously revealing themselves and, often times, hearts being broken. Dealing with the pain of unrequited love, especially at a young age, can be an extremely difficult experience. Some people cry, some yell and scream, some break things, and every once in awhile someone decides to do something drastic.

The Loved Ones
starts with a father teaching his son to drive on a deserted road. As they crest a hill, a half-naked bloody figure comes into view. He's standing in the middle of the road swaying slightly, and the young driver has to swerve hard to avoid hitting the shell-shocked teenager. He can't quite correct in time and slams into a tree. Flash forward a few months, and the son, Brent, is finishing up high school. With hair just past his shoulders and large chestnut eyes, it makes perfect sense that girls would be interested in him, despite the fact that he looks exactly like a male Kristen Stewart (seriously, it's uncanny).

After talking to a friend at his locker, just before he walks away, a cute but awkward young girl named Lola summons the courage to ask Brent to go to the dance with her. He very politely declines and apologizes, explaining that he's already going with someone else. Turns out it's his girlfriend, a fact that Lola had to be aware of when she asked him, making his tactful and classy response even more impressive. But when prom night rolls around and Brent has disappeared, suspicions' rightfully run wild and all hell ends up breaking loose.
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