Just when you thought it was safe to discard your VCR, the triumphant return of Terror Tapes. Yes ghoulies, I am back from a long sabbatical to once again bring you what no one ever asked for: horror films on VHS. Through only a partial fault of my own, there is no slowing the passage of time. As one decade slips slowly to the shadow of another, certain beloved objects are bested by innovation and forgotten. Basically, what I'm saying is I want my freaking VHS back dammit! As much as I whine, I am fully aware of not only the improvement in picture quality offered by DVD and Blu-ray but the preservation benefits as well, but some part of me will always long for the days of giant videocassette cases with elaborately painted cover art that was often far more impressive than the films contained within. To wit I offer The Spookies.
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