Alright, Internet, we need to reach some kind of agreement on what's all in good fun and what's just downright mean spirited. I'm sure the fine folks at Funny or Die had nothing but laughs in mind when they put together this trailer for Weird: the Al Yankovic Story. I'm sure they thought they'd just cull together some actors and comedians and hope to make something that could warrant a few thousand views on the Interwebs. But that's not what they did.

No, what writer/director Eric Appel did was remind me that I live in a world in which there isn't actually a biopic about parody songsmith Weird Al Yankovic and that's just cruel. They've made a trailer for a fake movie telling the untold and uncut story of the notorious @alyankovic that I would throw fists full of money at were it a reality. Sadly it is not. Not cool, guys. Not cool.

So until the day that Hollywood wakes up and realizes that there is most definitely an audience who wants to see Weird Al on the big screen (and, even more importantly, Olivia Wilde as Madonna) again, I am going to have to resign myself to watching this cinematic tease over and over until my eyeballs glaze and I experience the totality of Weird: the Al Yankovic Story in some kind of glorious, delirious fever dream.

Watch the trailer below and the join me in my faux sorrow.