In the past, I've written about love for little-known actors who often get the short end of the stick, but what about the folks who deserve better, whether they've had a blockbuster or two, or have just disappeared into obscurity? IFC's The Independent Eye has outlined a pretty apt post called "Seven Actors Who Deserve Better" -- the actors and actresses who have lit the screen on fire, showing wild acting chomps, but can't get gigs worthy of their talents.

The picks are: Paul Bettany, Winona Ryder, Thora Birch, Thomas Haden Church, Julia Stiles, Seth Green, and Elizabeth Banks. While not close to complete, of course, it's a pretty accurate list. Bettany went from it-guy to cinematic crap fests while Ryder went from "alterna-chick" to tabloid fodder. (Will Black Swan change that?) Birch also kicked some indie arse, but has since worked on two Lifetime movies. (It's also pointed out that her ex-porn star dad is rumored to be a bit creepy, which could be part of it.)

Church, meanwhile, got sandy Spider-Man and manic wine-drinking, but his big roles are occasional at best. Julia Stiles is probably the most obscure these days, exploding into the teen girl fandom and then becoming a bit-part Bourne player. Seth Green, on the other hand, might have Robot Chicken and Family Guy, but his big-screen work continues to tank. (He's the dude who played Oz! He can do more than goofy! Apatow, perhaps?) And finally, Elizabeth Banks gets the last spot for "playing the boring blonde."
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