"We originally wanted to actually cut Cunth's d*ck off and shove it in his mouth," Jorma Taccone told reporters last week. "That became sort of a note." Suffice it to say that MacGruber, the latest adaptation of a Saturday Night Live skit to arrive on the silver screen this May 21st, is made of sterner stuff than some of its predecessors. "I think I looked up the phrase "f*ck you" in the original draft and I think it appeared 16 times. So it's less than that now, but it was always aggressively hard [R]."

The film debuted last Tuesday in Austin, Texas at the South By Southwest film festival, and the following morning, members of the cast and crew, including stars Will Forte and Kristen Wiig and director Jorma Taccone spoke to the press about the prospect of expanding a two-minute skit to theatrical length.