With J.J. Abrams being busy on the starship Enterprise, and Tom Cruise anxious to reprise his one and only franchise role, Mission: Impossible IV is racing around trying to find to a director. Interestingly, Cruise and Abrams want a fresh face, clearly hoping to inject the same kind of energy that Abrams did. According to THR's Heat Vision, they've met with Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer and Edgar Wright, but apparently a man of Pixar is coming out in the lead: Brad Bird.

It's no secret Bird wants to move to live action. His San Fransisco earthquake movie 1906 has stalled at Warner Bros due to budget reasons, and with other Pixar alumni moving away from animation and into the world of guns and girls, Bird is eager to make the leap too. And there's no doubt that he'd be good at it. As countless others have pointed out before me, The Incrediblesworks on just about every level imaginable. It's a great action movie, a great superhero movie, and a wonderful kid's movie. I don't care if it's animated or not, it still takes the same amount of skill. Perhaps even more so since you're manipulating pixels!

At this point, it's unclear as to whether Bird is even in official talks or if he's just a name on a dream list. But let's hope he nabs the gig. (Come now, I love Wright too, but he's doing just fine. Besides, he's got a Cornetto trilogy to finish.) I may be cool on the continuing adventures of Ethan Hunt, but if the franchise can nurture new action directors, I'll be lined up for as many as Cruise wants to make.

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